It’s that time of the year again when network members Flourish Together CIC call out for women changemakers who are starting or scaling social ventures to get involved in their annual mentoring marathon!  Whether you are looking for support, have some capacity to support others or would like to learn from their innovative and authentic support diversifying mentoring for social enterprise in Greater Manchester, you can find out more here.

The mentor-a-thon takes place on 19th July and the wider mentoring programme runs July 2019 to April 2020.  There is a guaranteed community seed fund this year of £3,500 thanks to backing so far from Manchester City Council and tech social enterprise Assessment 21. Flourish anticipate making in the region of 10 cash awards ranging from £250 - £500 this summer.

GMSEN members, Yellow Jigsaw, received support 5 years ago and have also become part of the mentoring team. To read their inspiring story, check out this blog.

For more information and to request an application email 

Deadline for applications is 5th July