Plans for every resident in Greater Manchester to have access to a safe, decent and affordable home sit at the heart of an ambitious Greater Manchester Housing Strategy that is to go before Leaders at this month’s Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) meeting. 

The strategy – the first since the election of the Mayor of Greater Manchester two years ago – builds upon Greater Manchester’s Housing Vision, launched in January. Its central aim, to ensure that the housing crisis is addressed by meeting the needs and aspirations of current and future citizens, rests on a ground-breaking collaboration between the public, private, community, voluntary and social enterprise sectors across the city-region.

A key pillar of the strategy is a commitment to deliver at least 50,000 additional truly affordable homes by 2037, 30,000 of which will be social or affordable rent, by working in partnership with housing providers, local authorities, Homes England and government to maximise investment in new social housing.

The Strategy also commits to the introduction of a Greater Manchester-wide Good Landlord Scheme, to be developed by working in partnership with landlords, tenants and others. Our aim is that landlords will be accredited as a GM Good Landlord if they maintain their properties to a decent, safe standard and treat residents fairly when it comes to rents, deposits, length of tenancies and evictions.

Steps have already been taken by the GMCA to tackle poor housing stock in the city-region by investing surpluses from the GM Housing Investment Loans Fund (GMHILF) and prioritising residential regeneration of urban centres in each of the 10 boroughs through the Town Centre Challenge.

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