Skill Givers is a Sport England funded project, in partnership with Macc and Salford CVS, working in areas of Salford and Manchester. The project connects employers who offer their employees volunteering days, with sports clubs and groups who support their community to get active, and would benefit from some short-term skilled support.

After months of development, to ensure that their purpose built website is as user-friendly as possible for everyone, the Skill Givers project is now looking for groups to get involved.

If you are a group who has a wish list of tasks that you aren’t able to complete at the moment in areas such as finance, web development, social media support, information management, planning or anything that needs dedicated skills or time, get in touch with Skill Givers to find out how the project could help.

The project focuses on providing short-term opportunities (often 1 day) for individual employees to go and complete a task for a group that will really make a difference. This could be creating a spreadsheet that makes monthly reporting easier and saves the group time, designing a new logo, providing some management mentoring or supporting in one of many other ways to help build the capacity of the group.

For more information:

Tel: 07912 259 255