Sustainable Food Vision for Greater Manchester Launch Event


Despite a night of atrocious weather, forty representatives of Greater Manchester food organisations made it to Bridge 5 Mill at the end of October for an evening of wine, catching up and a gorgeous photo farmer exhibition to launch the Sustainable Food Vision for Greater Manchester.

Food Pioneers from as far afield as Buxton and Bolton came together from across Greater Manchester to celebrate the culmination of 18 months’ work and the input of a hundred community groups, small businesses and the public sector in imagining our great city placing good food at the centre of its development and renewal.

The Vision is the product of many hundreds of volunteer hours and several Feeding Manchester conferences, brought together by the team at Manchester’s Kindling Trust. It contains input, examples and ideas from all ten boroughs of Greater Manchester, and explores the benefits of, and actions required, to transform Greater Manchester into a Sustainable Food City.


The Vision contains 26 desired outcomes all built around the Sustainable Food Cities’ six elements of:

  • Promoting Healthy and Sustainable Food
  • Tackling food poverty, diet-related ill health and access to affordable healthy food
  • Building Sustainable Food Knowledge, Skills, Resources & Projects
  • Promoting a Vibrant and Sustainable Food Economy
  • Transforming Catering and Food Procurement
  • Reducing Waste and the Ecological Footprint of the Food System

The result is 161 possible actions, and although the vision is ambitious it is build on 125 practical projects that are delivering environmental, health and economic benefits for our City right now.

The Food Pioneers involved in writing the vision collectively serve over 34,000 customers and beneficiaries on a monthly basis, employ over 300 people and have a combined annual turnover of £28 million!