Wigan Men’s Sheds community business, based at Platt Bridge Community Zone, has launched a Crowdfunder which ends on 7th January at 2:57pm!

Here is a message from the group:

"The Men’s Sheds has supported around 45 since the start of January 2018, in turn helping them to reduce their medication, improve their health and wellbeing, improve their mental wellbeing and gain valuable skills and experience that have helped some of the men gain employment elsewhere.

All this has been achieved from their space at Platt Bridge Community Zone, but the Men’s Sheds needs to grow, with more hubs across the Borough, and more resources to enable them to create the person centred approach it wishes to achieve for all its members.  We are getting more referrals daily but to continue to support men from across the borough, they need additional funds.

The Crowdfund link is: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/wigan-mens-sheds-1