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This directory is designed to help customers find social enterprises in Greater Manchester that they can buy from or trade with. It is also intended to help individuals, businesses and organisations find social enterprises they may wish to support according to their social impact.

Social Enterprises can be searched by either key word, or you can use the sector and borough filters. This directory is focused on Greater Manchester and is free to register and use. You may also wish to use Social Enterprise UK’s Buy Social Directory which includes social enterprises from outside Greater Manchester.

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Social mission Description of SE Products or services sold
fabric Citizenship and community, Housing and local facilities We facilitate/design/develop housing projects in urban and rural settings throughout the UK with a specific focus to allow them to be co-designed by the residents, ensuring they are affordable and sustainable. Project design and development services.
Fair Tax Mark Citizenship and community National accreditation scheme for business. Bencomm Accreditation
Fairfield Recycling Conservation of the natural environment, Supporting social enterprise / voluntary action Fairfield Recycling has two key purposes. Our primary purpose is to help make Greater Manchester a zero-waste city: by reducing the materials we consume and the waste we produce, re-using materials and maximising recycling. Secondly, Fairfield Recycling raises funds for the charitable work of Fairfield Environment Trust (parent charity).

Fairfield Recycling (originally called...
We provide waste management services, from waste audits and feasibility studies to implementation strategies to physically managing customer materials and recycling their waste. Recycle waste from the food & drink sector, retail and leisure industry and the public sector, and are experts in dealing with "hard-to-recycle" waste. We have a proven track record of recycling all types of plastics (from plastic film to hard plastics); food waste – be that fruit & veg waste, tea bags, brewery waste; wood in the form of pallets and construction waste; polystrene; green waste and trees (e.g. Christmas trees) and obviously paper and cardboard. We also make and sell high quality compost.
Feelgood Communities CIC Mental health and well-being Provider of wellbeing activities. Joyful Workplaces. Laughter Therapy and related workshops, seminars, training, icebreakers. Inspiration speakers. Yoga breathing and stress reduction. Performance poetry, creative writing and playwriting. Activities for all ages including primary schools and older people.
Femith Consulting C.I.C Citizenship and community, Employment, training and education, Family, friends and relationships, Mental health and well-being, Supporting social enterprise / voluntary action Femith Consulting C.I.C is a boutique, independent research consulting agency based in Manchester, UK. We work with service user groups, service commissioners, policy-makers, patients and carers, stakeholders, and healthcare professionals. We have extensive expertise in working with diverse groups and ensuring quality reliable evidence from our services. We provide research and impact evaluation services to voluntary, community, and social enterprise organisations, as well as public and private sector organisations. Our services are primarily focused on the health and social care sector.