Please find below a list of networks/organisations who offer support to social enterpreneurs and social enterprises run by or for the benefit of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)* communities:


The BAME Social Enterpreneurs' Network (BASE) was set up and supported by GMCVO in conjunction with the GM BAME Network and social entrepreneurs across Greater Manchester to enable social enterprises to share experiences and learn from one another.  Now fully independent, BASE is led by organisations and networks from the communities it supports and provides opportunties for it's members to access support, skills and expertise to thrive.

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GM BAME Network

The GM BAME Network improves access to support services and providing networking opportunities for voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations who support BAME communities, refugees and asylum seekers.

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GM Social Investment

GMCVO have a range of services and investment funds to support BAME-led community groups, charities and social enterprises to either start up, scale up or buy/develop buildings.

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*We use the BAME abbreviation as we believe it is widely understood, but we acknowledge many feel this term is inadequate and limiting. We are therefore currently reviewing our use of the term. Our principle is to refer to individuals, organisations or networks by the terminology they themselves prefer.