Event - Wednesday, June 26, 2019 @ 3:30 for a 4pm start until 7pm
What’s working?
It’s a challenge, but it’s possible to have an impact. Various companies already working with ANTZ employ prison leavers or work hard to support people in or out of prison in other ways. They are making a difference and it’s measurable. We can show % reductions in re-offending rates and real impact in changing people’s lives – both for employers and employees.
About the Event
This is an opportunity to find out all the information you need about working with or employing prison leavers.
Alongside our speakers, we’ve brought together a panel of experts with diverse and real-life experience in this area. At this unique event they will share their insights so that you can better understand the issues of working with prison leavers and how these can be addressed. 
This is an open forum so they’re here to answer your questions too.
We will cover: 
• Reoffending rates in the UK and impact.
• Learnings and practicalities from working with prisoners and prison leavers. 
• The key issues - and mitigating these.
• Support available from ANTZ and other organisations.
• Panel discussion and Q&A session.
• Barriers to employment for prison leavers.
• Governance required before organisations commit. 
• Case study of a company currently working with the prison service.
Food and refreshments will be provided and there will be the opportunity to network with like-minded people.
Who you’ll hear from:
Panel of experts
• Matt who has recently left prison and is facing barriers to employment
• Charity employing people who have been through the prison system – Darren Armstrong – BE STRONG Charity
• Sodexo - Abbey Barclay (Prison Officer)
• Charity working with prison leavers on routes to change and into work – Becky Harding, Antz Junction
• ATOS mentoring prison leavers – Damien Shevlin, Senior Vice President for Human Resources UK & Ireland
• Simptechno – measuring social and economic impact to society Christian Sait
• Jen Gillies Pemberton (founder and CEO ANTZ)
• Daisy Dixon (Director, ANTZ and ANTZ Junction)
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