The Culture and Social Impact Fund (now known as the Greater Manchester Culture Fund) provides funding to properly constituted, not for profit, voluntary organisations, who are committed to providing excellent cultural experiences or work that has significant social impact across the ten boroughs in Greater Manchester.

The scheme builds on the success of the previous AGMA-run Section 48 grants fund, reflecting the priorities of the Greater Manchester Strategy.

The criteria for the scheme is shaped around four main objectives. Applicants of the funding must meet at least two of these priorities;

  • Contribute to the recognition of Greater Manchester locally, nationally and internationally to attract new investment, new visitors and new talent to Greater Manchester
  • Make a positive contribution to improving skills and employability of residents in Greater Manchester, including support for the creative education, expression and ambition of young people across Greater Manchester
  • Play a strong role in developing strong and inclusive communities and an improved quality of life for residents, particularly those residents at risk of disengagement or social isolation
  • Be able to evidence how the project will make a positive contribution to improving residents’ health and wellbeing

In February 2018, 28 organisations received funding from the fund.

Find out more about the fund and how to apply here.

Deadline for submissions is open until 10am, Friday 29th November