Communities in Control: A week to showcase how Greater Manchester is enabling a more inclusive economy

  • Has your organisation or group helped its local community to take control of something that matters to people in their neighbourhood/area? For example, a shop, pub, creative hub, faith building or community garden?
  • Have you supported people to get involved with projects that help keep money and resources in their area? For example, a credit union, local savings group or toolshare/repair cafe
  • Are you part of a co-operative, whether a worker, consumer or housing co-op?
  • Do you employ and upskill a wide range of people in the community? For example, a digital inclusion project, car sharing scheme or green transition activites.

If the answer is ‘yes’, GMCVO want to hear from you!

GMCVO, in partnership with the GM VCSE Leadership Group, want to showcase VCSE sector activity that helps to create an economy that is more inclusive of those that are being increasingly left behind. 

They are inviting a range of organisations across Greater Manchester who carry out the kind of activity listed above to join us in a week of action taking place from Monday 4th to Friday 8th July 2022.

There are opportunities to host an event or workshop, or to take part in an event or workshop hosted during the week that will:

  • Showcase what you do and how it helps to create an inclusive economy
  • Demonstrate how your community has taken more control or ownership of assets within your community
  • Show what you and/or your community has done to overcome economic difficulties in your area

Funding is available (up to £500) for organisations to host an event or workshop (in person or online). 

Want to know more?

Follow this link to find out how you can get involved