The Greater Manchester (GM) Good Employment Charter sets out seven standards for ‘good work’ (security, flexibility, pay etc). If more GM jobs met these standards it would make a big dent in in-work poverty and accessibility of work. 

The Charter will go live in July 2019 with a pilot group of employers, with a view to a full launch in November.

It would be good to have VCSE employers involved from the start. As a sector we employ a more diverse workforce than average, and aspire to offer decent pay and security. On the other hand as SMEs reliant on trading or under-funded contracts, we face problems doing this. The Charter aims to celebrate good employment, but also to identify and address the structural issues that undermine it. The GM Social Enterprise Network recommends VCSE employers should support the Charter ourselves and should encourage other employers to consider it - particularly social enterprises!

If you would like to take part in the pilot process please contact Ian MacArthur at

If you would like more information on the Charter, visit GMCA's website and/or download the document below.

A steering group of employer umbrella bodies (including GMSEN hosts, the Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation), local government and academics is overseeing the implementation process. GMCVO has been involved in the development of the Charter, and made formal responses to both the public consultations.

There are three outstanding issues on which GMCVO and some others on the steering group are continuing to lobby:

  • The need to target participation by employers of workforce demographics least likely to experience good employment, and employers in sectors that generally don’t meet the standards
  • A much stronger emphasis on equalities, unfair discrimination and inclusion, ideally through introducing an eighth standard
  • Ensuring the Charter is accessible to SMEs as well as to large companies.