GMCVO, working in partnership with 10GM, have launched a grants programme to support people from communities of identity or experience, based in Greater Manchester, that may struggle to achieve high levels of mental wellbeing. 

The communities identified are:

•    People from BAME communities
•    People living with long term physical and mental health conditions
•    Disabled people
•    Social isolated older people
•    Military veterans
•    People who are newly or long term unemployed
•    People who identify as LGBTQI
•    Carers 

Funded by Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership a total of £175,000 will be given out between now and December 2020. 

The grants will be awarded, in stages, to small, grass roots voluntary and community groups and social enterprises that will support people to develop high levels of mental wellbeing. 

The first stage, a rolling micro grants programme, is now live. Grants of £100-£500 will be awarded on an ongoing basis during May and June 2020. They will be awarded for activities that support mental wellbeing while working within the current government social distancing restrictions. Decisions will be made within 3 weeks. 

To find out more about the grants programme, and to apply for a micro grant, please visit the website here.