Inspire* aims to inspire, support and assist leaders of ambitious charities and not for profits to grow as individuals and in turn grow their organisations more quickly and so ‘Do Good, Faster’. The purpose of inspire* is to change the lives of everyone in the World for the better and create a more equal society.

Being a leader can often be a lonely place so the format of inspire* is via a ‘Hub’ structure, putting 8-10 charities in to a group with a Hub Leader who is an experienced person with large amounts of business or coaching experience to act as a mentor and facilitator within the group, who then act as a sounding board and friendly, advisory group.

The hubs act as peer support groups often forming partnerships and real connections who help and assist each other beyond inspire*. Our members range from small to medium sized charities and social enterprises who can offer struggle with resources, strategic planning or perhaps the know how or confidence to take their charities to the next level.

Members receive a range of other benefits from being an inspire* member. inspire* is free to all and runs with funding from Manchester based law firm, gunnercooke, but largely from those involved donating their time as they can amplify their effect by impacting on numerous charities rather than one. 

Inspire* currently have over 80 charities between London and Manchester but are aiming to increase this in 2020 and have Hubs based in other locations around the country. If you are a not for profit CEO who would like some support, help with strategy, fundraising and planning for the future, to further build your network in Manchester (and beyond) and receive invites to various workshops and events then please get in touch with Laura at or visit