Manchester Social Economy Alliance - launching in 2023

In January 2023 a new Manchester alliance will launch, for organisations that reinvest their profits or financial surplus to achieve a social and/or environmental mission. This includes, but is not limited to, social enterprises, social entrepreneurs, credit unions, trading charities, co-operatives, community benefit societies and community businesses.

This aim of the alliance is to enable Manchester to step up as other boroughs across Greater Manchester are doing to support social economy organisations more effectively, highlight their strengths and create a united approach to tie in with other agendas such as the GMCA Inclusive Ownership Hub.

Furthermore, the alliance will:

  • Create a space for social economy organisations to work together on similar aims, such as building a more inclusive economy in Manchester.
  • Create a more joined up and united voice for the social economy to influence strategically at local, regional and national levels
  • Identify the needs of social economy organisations, organise support and aid in finding funding and resources for them to sustainably progress and impact social change
  • Improve the offer for those wanting to start social economy organisations in Manchester by offering support and advice sessions through this network. This is with the aim of building a larger and more inclusive and diverse social economy. 
  • Highlight the work and value of the social economy in Manchester and celebrate the impact of organisations

The group will launch in January 2023. If you want to find out more about the work and activities, or you want to join the group, contact

The temporary website for the Manchester Social Economy Alliance can be found by clicking here.  

Updates to come in 2023 - watch this space!