Over the course of the last few months SEUK have been hearing your inspiring stories about how social enterprises have supported communities through the pandemic, adapted their business models and been there to ensure people can better cope with the isolation and pressures of lockdown Britain.

SEUK would like to capture some of the amazing work being done by social enterprises across the country by creating a short film documenting how they are responding to the crisis. They'd like to source footage from the social enterprise community to capture snapshots of how social enterprises are working at this time.

They're after the following types of footage:
•    Actual footage of your teams working in the community.
•    If you’re manufacturing a product, footage of it being made or packaged.
•    Short clips of staff talking about their work responding to the pandemic or how you may have shifted how you work.

They’re after a maximum of 30 seconds of footage. SEUK will stitch together the content we receive to paint a picture of the social enterprise response to Covid-19.

DEADLINE: SEUK would like to have sourced all content by Monday 8 June

Tips for filming
•    They're not after TV quality footage so filming on a smartphone is fine!
•    When filming please hold your phone/camera horizontally so the footage will work best on social media.
•    SEUK are after content that’s short and snappy – so no long interviews please! Talking heads type footage is fine but keep it to focusing on what you do, your social mission and how you’re working through the crisis.
•    Remember to get the permission of any people you’re filming and let them know that SEUK will be using footage to raise awareness of the great work social enterprises are doing! We may also use some of the footage to support our media outreach work.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with Shehan Perera at shehan.perera@socialenterprise.org.uk or on 07910222409.