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GMCVO Databases Supporting social enterprise / voluntary action Our experienced and knowledgeable staff offer a range of services; from assisting with your initial decision to implement CiviCRM into your organisation and specifying your requirements, through to implementation, staff/end-user training, and finally ongoing support. Whether you are completely new to CiviCRM, need someone to host, support or develop your existing database, or... CRM systems, site hosting and support packages.
Goddard Consultants Employment, training and education, Mental health and well-being Coaching Coaching and training
Goddards Employment, training and education, Mental health and well-being Goddard’s was founded in 2007 to help individuals at risk of social exclusion to reach their potential through the delivery of workshops and coaching for individuals with long term health conditions. Most of this work has focussed on helping individuals to manage and improve their health conditions and to remove barriers to employment. Coaching & Training
Greater Manchester Doulas CIC Family, friends and relationships, Mental health and well-being, Physical health We provide an extra layer of support to women through pregnancy, birth, and loss. We provide one to one tailored support, according to the individual needs of the women we serve.
Greater Manchester TreeStation Conservation of the natural environment Set up in 2008, Greater Manchester TreeStation was one of the first tree stations to be established in the UK, and the very first in the North West.

The TreeStation was born from the realisation that:
(a) treework arisings were often wasted due to lack of adequate recycling infrastructure or scale inefficiencies and
(b) the wide scale uptake of sustainable solutions like...
Tree Surgery, Woodland Management, Timber, Firewood, Woodchip
Groundwork Greater Manchester Citizenship and community, Conservation of the natural environment, Employment, training and education, Housing and local facilities Groundwork is a not-for-profit organisation working to create a sustainable future for people, places... - Community engagement - Landscape design & build - Training & coaching for employment - Early intervention to support health & wellbeing - Safe & sustainable business support
H.A.V.E Homes CIC Citizenship and community, Employment, training and education, Family, friends and relationships, Housing and local facilities, Income and financial inclusion H.A.V.E Homes CIC supports the refurbishment and redevelopment of neglected empty properties in some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Manchester, transforming them into high-quality, sustainable and truly affordable homes. We work within communities to support people to feel secure in their home whilst investing in the area to improve places and spaces that matter to... Homes
Home of Justice Community Interest Company Employment, training and education, Housing and local facilities, Mental health and well-being The company runs Home of Justice Network, a national voluntary organisation in Greater Manchester with a particular emphasis on delivering free, impartial, independent, confidential, generalist advice, advocacy, training, employment, support, information, referral, housing, representation and education. The organisation opened for business in August 2013. We specialise in general advice, refugee housing and support, welfare benefits and supporting in completion of any kind of forms.
HSR Psychology Employment, training and education, Mental health and well-being We are a not-for-profit social enterprise as we provide children and young people with the skills they need to maximise their potential, and to be happy, safe and ready for life's challenges. Educational and clinical psychology services.
Hulme Community Garden Centre Conservation of the natural environment, Employment, training and education, Family, friends and relationships, Mental health and well-being, Supporting social enterprise / voluntary action A not for profit, community led organisation and charity (XR39212), created by 3 enterprising local residents in 1999 with a shared vision of greening and regenerating Hulme and its surrounds.
Our garden centre, open to the public 7 days a week is the heart of our business and gets bigger and better every year. We grow as much of our stock as possible and never use or sell...
See project Description
Invisible Manchester Arts, heritage, sport and faith, Citizenship and community, Employment, training and education We train people who have been affected by homelessness to become walking tour guides of their city. Tours
Just Psychology CIC Mental health and well-being We provide services to address the psychological and mental health needs of children, adults and families, with particular emphasis on cultural diversity, cultural competence and social justice. Family group conferences, therapy, training, expert witness work
Libralato Ltd. Conservation of the natural environment, Employment, training and education Founded in 2008, Libralato Ltd. aims to revive the legacy of Rolls Royce in its deprived inner-city birthplace in Hulme, Manchester. Libralato Ltd is an innovation specialist in low cost, low carbon, low emission vehicle technologies, supported by European Green Cars Initiative and Innovate UK projects. Libralato is demonstrating how to break the road transport’s ‘addiction to... The global automotive community has not yet realised that the most cost-effective approach to rapidly and radically reducing road transport emissions is to focus on electrification of the congested urban cycle, maximising the cost utilisation of a battery capacity sufficient for average daily driving distances and optimising the internal combustion engine efficiency for the extra-urban cycle. The Libralato R6 eco-engine is a compelling new concept of engine architecture and thermodynamic cycle, an historic breakthrough in internal combustion engine design, solving the problems of the Wankel engine (poor combustion, overheating, seal wear) through its exchange of gases between three dynamic chambers, its highly efficient geometry and its non-contact labyrinth sealing. Predicted to be more efficient than a diesel engine (50%) using gasoline but half the size weight and cost, it enables plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) systems to fit into standard engine bays, reducing mineral fuel consumption by 70% and CO2 by 55% (well-to-wheel), breaking the car’s addiction to oil, cost competitively.
Life Leisure Arts, heritage, sport and faith, Mental health and well-being, Physical health Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise and Charitable Trust specialising in leisure facility management, sport, health and wellbeing. Support people to live healthy lifestyles through operation of gyms, recreational facilities and swimming pools across Stockport. We provide doorstep sport and leisure opportunities for adults and young people in local communities. We manage a renowned Exercise referral programme and provide club and coach development support and run a variety of programmes to increase participation in physical activity and reduce inactivity.. We also run mass participation events such as the BIG 10km Run and Tough Tribe Obstacle Course Race.
Little Lavender Community Hub Employment, training and education, Family, friends and relationships, Mental health and well-being, Physical health, Supporting social enterprise / voluntary action We are a new Social Enterprise working in partnership with our local charity. We are a community cafe and have a space to hire for community events.
Manchester Community Transport Citizenship and community, Supporting social enterprise / voluntary action Not for profit transport operator Passenger services for communities
Manchester Credit Union Income and financial inclusion Manchester Credit Union (MCU) is a member owned financial co-operative which offers fair and affordable financial services to anyone living or working within the MCU common bond. MCU is owned and controlled by its members and exists solely to provide services for the benefit of its members and potential members. Savings products, corporate membership accounts, affordable loans and free life savings insurance
Manchester Deaf Centre Citizenship and community, Employment, training and education Supporting Deaf community to improve their quality of lives Room hire, Communication Support (British Sign Language Interpreter, Lipspeaker, Note taker), British Sign Language courses and Deaf Awareness training
Manchester Digital Laboratory Citizenship and community, Employment, training and education Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab) is a grassroots innovation organisation, based in Manchester UK. Our primary areas of focus are science and technology; arts and culture.

We support a diverse range of communities and activities – from monthly meetups and courses through to public experimentation with new...
Training and learning
Mancunian Way Citizenship and community Mancunian Way was born out of the ashes of the 2011 riots to ensure the next generation of young people did not find themselves making the same mistakes as a small minority that went before.
We tackle the social issues that make the biggest impact and are seen are too difficult by many other organisations, whether this be engaging young people on th streets, to supporting...
Outreach youth engagement services on the streets in the evenings to engage hard to reach young people and supporting them to make positive informed choices that improve their own lives.