Social mission Description of SE Products or services sold
UP CiC Employment, training and education, Family, friends and relationships UP is a new community interest company that has been set up to work with adults and young people to provide training, education and support around creating and sustaining successful personal relationships For Schools Supporting schools to deliver healthy relationships and sex education Adult training Supporting adults to create and manage successful personal relationships. Accreditation Supporting employers to identify and use best practice around domestic abuse issues.
Upturn Enterprise Limited Citizenship and community, Employment, training and education, Family, friends and relationships, Income and financial inclusion, Mental health and well-being, Supporting social enterprise / voluntary action Upturn is a recognised Social Enterprise, limited by guarantee - committed to work in deprived areas to help improve lives, create job opportunities, support people into work
and encourage enterprise. We also seek to reduce homelessness, improve health and wellbeing and strengthen community assets.
Over the years, as we have worked with and supported people living in deprived communities we have recognised interconnections and inconsistencies. For example, on the one hand there is a shortage of affordable homes of quality and a shortage of construction workers, yet there is unemployment and the need to create job and training opportunities for young men, women and older people. There is the inability of the public sector to provide required funding due to cutbacks yet there are investors actively seeking ways to invest that provide both a return and a social outcome. We have also encountered at first hand the impact of these disconnections:  Homelessness  Unemployment  Poor Health and Wellbeing  Benefits dependency  Anti-social behaviour  Punitive Debt burden  Family stresses  Low educational attainment  Community disruption  Inter-generational issues As a social enterprise committed to improving lives and communities we have been exploring ways in which these disparate yet connected strands can be approached. It is this knowledge and experience that we bring to bear and use to inform the projects that we would like to develop and deliver – in partnership.
Wesley Community Furniture Conservation of the natural environment, Employment, training and education, Housing and local facilities, Income and financial inclusion Wesley is a Furniture Reuse Organisation, a charity that supplies furniture, domestic appliances, household goods and clothing at the lowest possible prices to those in greatest need, from all over the City of Manchester and beyond. We strive to provide the cheapest reusable furniture in Manchester – and to Reuse and Recycle as much of the material we collect as possible.
Furniture, white goods, bicycles, clothes, homeware, office furniture.
Wigan Mens Sheds Citizenship and community, Employment, training and education, Family, friends and relationships, Mental health and well-being, Physical health Wigan Mens Sheds is a Community Business that aims to reduce Men in Social Isolation, via allowing the members to use their skills and interests to make items that allow them to contribute a sense of purpose to the local community. Members can also share tools, help to mentor young people looking to develop their skills in areas such as Woodworking and Gardening, whilst also... Most of the members make items such as Bird Boxes, Hedgehog boxes, Raised Flower Beds etc, that are then sold as part of the Made in Wigan platform, created by Abram Ward Community Cooperative. Made in Wigan is a Buy Local brand that aims to reduce inequality via the growth of Community Businesses
Workplace Mental Health Limited Employment, training and education, Mental health and well-being Creating positive mental health cultures, Improving business performance by increasing awareness, good practice, confidence, accessibility, productivity and profitability.

We do this by bringing together people together in the workplace to understand what needs to change and put practical solutions in place to ensure mental health equality is achieved for the benefit of all.
Our offer to business, public services, schools and VCSE organisations is bespoke. It includes: Consultancy, Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health Audit, Mental Health Awareness training, Managing Mental health in the workplace, Mindfulness, Culture Change, Employee Engagement, Talking Therapies, Workplace Advocacy, Mental Health Ambassador training and more.
Wraparound Partnership Employment, training and education, Family, friends and relationships Listening, empowering and supporting all organisations working with children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities. Focus on whole family, whole system approach which is centered around the individual and their aspirations, and which encourages the support services around them to focus on positive outcomes. We offer families support with Education, Health and Social Care practical support such as applications for EHCP's advocacy at school/college meetings. Support to access respite care or personal budgets, advice on how to appeal against decisions. We deliver a Department of Education funded project called Independent Support to Trafford residents around, applications for EHCP and transfers from statements to EHCP's. Ensuring that the voice of the individual is at the centre of discussions. We support schools and colleges with SEN Training for staff, have delivered training to Health Professionals and social care teams, about the voice of the child and young person. We work with Special Needs Coordinators in educational settings to provide expert support to all things special needs, training, multi agency work, streamlining processes, dealing with parents, influencing the leadership.
Yellow Jigsaw Supporting social enterprise / voluntary action PR and campaigns services for charities and social enterprises PR services, campaign management and training for the not for profit sector
Young People's Service (YPS) Citizenship and community, Employment, training and education, Family, friends and relationships, Mental health and well-being Youth organisation Project work
ZalTa Arts, heritage, sport and faith, Citizenship and community, Employment, training and education, Family, friends and relationships, Income and financial inclusion, Physical health, Supporting social enterprise / voluntary action ZalTa is a social enterprise trading products and services in the fields of Arts, Education and Health. "ZalTa" is an acronym meaning "Green Butterfly", a symbol of the soul of the ancestors from one of the tribes in Eastern Europe. ZalTa's mission is to research, support and promote the traditions which different communities brought with them to Greater Manchester, that will... personal consultancy, workshops, lectures and classes, conferences, performances, Artwork, holistic health products