We encourage you to seek out networks that can support you. There are a number of local and thematic networks which all have something different to offer so please take a look below.
At a Greater Manchester level, GMSEN is here to showcase SE activity across GM and connect SEs with opportunities, to identify and map the eco-system of support for SEs in the city region, provide signposting to networks and support that exist and to encourage the development of support in places and thematic areas where it is lacking.

This list is just a start and is growing - If you know an SE network in Greater Manchester that's missing, let us know. Also, get in touch if you don't see something that suits you. There may be another network or group we can link you in with or people who can advise you on how to set up your own!

Antz Network

Antz Network are a network of Business Charities & 3rd Sector organisations working together to deliver Social and Business impact in local communities. They provide support for companies and charities of all sizes.

Flourish CIC

Flourish CIC supports women social entrepreneurs to create the change they see needed in communities whilst developing themselves to become economically active and empowered. 

Northern Soul

An informal network of social enterprises delivering public services in health, well-being and/or social care that are based in northern England - from the Scottish border to north Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

Rochdale Borough Social Enterprise and Co-operative Forum

Rochdale Borough Social Enterprise and Co-operative Forum is a network of businesses with social purposes, people working on proposals for them, and supporters of the idea – in the recently declared ‘World Capital of Co-operatives’.

Website: RSECForum
Wigan Borough Social Enterprise Network

A friendly, informal peer-to-peer network group for the Social Enterprise community in the Wigan Borough. Hosted locally and throughout the borough, we aim to bring together local Social Enterprises to build a strong and cohesive network.