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Social Enterprise
Please select the area(s) in which you target your social impact.
Please tell us more about how you try and fulfill the mission of the SE
BAME-led is defined as the organisation being led by an individual or group from Black, Asian or other minority ethnic background.
These are locations where you may deliver a service or trade, but not have a fixed location
These are boroughs were you have a fixed location, which can be an office or a trading location.
e.g. Bury Market every Tuesday, Rochdale Community Centre 1st Monday of each month.
This is the public address of the SE. If this is a trading address, this can be used to display your location on the Directory page.
If you do not wish to give a full public address please provide the first half of your local postcode so that your Social Enterprise appears on the map.
The public contact number for your SE.

Please download our code of conduct here.

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